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At Twilight: choral music by Percy Grainger and Edvard Grieg

At Twilight: choral music by Percy Grainger and Edvard Grieg

Libby Crabtree, David Wilson-Johnson, Paul Agnew, Andrew Carwood, James Gilchrist, David Gould, Polyphony, Stephen Layton

Percy Grainger: British Folk-Music Settings

  • Irish tune from County Derry

  • The gypsy's wedding day: My father is the King of the gypsies that is true

  • Brigg Fair: It was on the fifth of August

  • Mary Thomson: In Amsterdon in Derbyshire Mary Thomson she did dwell

  • Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon

  • Near Woodstock Town

Percy Grainger: Dollar and a half a day: A dollar and a half is a poor man's pay

Percy Grainger: Sea Chanty Settings

  • Shenandoah: O Shenandoah I love your daughter

  • Stormy: Old Stormy he is dead and gone

Percy Grainger: Songs of the North: Mo nighean dubh

Thomas Morley & Percy Grainger: O mistress mine

Edvard Grieg: Four Psalms Op 74

  • How fair is thy face

  • God's Son hath set me free

  • Jesus Christ our Lord is risen

  • In heav'n above

Edvard Grieg: Ave maris stella

Percy Grainger: Soldier, soldier

Percy Grainger: Dalvisa

Percy Grainger: Australian up-country song

Traditional arr. Percy Grainger & Dana Perna: The Sussex mummer's Christmas carol

Percy Grainger: A song of Värmeland: O Värmeland, thou fairest, thou best beloved land

Percy Grainger: At twilight: Away by the reefs of the Chilean Coast

“This scalp-prickling, sometimes spine-chilling, disc should not be missed” (The Musical Times)

Label: Hyperion Helios

Release date: 1995 (re-released 2006)

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