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Grainger - Jungle Book

Grainger - Jungle Book

Polyphony, Stephen Layton

This reissue commemorates the 50th anniversary of Grainger’s death in February 1961. Harmonium, four guitars, two mandolas, two mandolins, two ukuleles, piccolo, three clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, two alto saxophones, horn, strings, piano, baritone and choir: and that's just the scoring for one piece, the famous sea shanty Shallow Brown.

Grainger's Jungle Book cycle is here recorded for the first time. The eleven contrasting movements vividly portray the sentiments of Kipling's poetry and Grainger wrote of the cycle that it was 'composed as a protest against civilization'.

Gramophone Editor's Choice / Critics' Choice

“All forces on the present recording are one with Grainger's spirit. It will move a receptive listener to the very core.” (Alan G Artner, Chicago Tribune)

Label: Hyperion
Release date: 1996

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